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Best Probiotics for Pets: How to Identify Quality Probiotics for Pets

There are so many probiotic supplements on the market these days that say they’re for pets… How do we know how to pick the best probiotic for our pets How to Choose the Right Probiotic for Pets Let’s think about it. A dog, cat, animal, is not the same as a human. Many pet probiotic…

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Probiotics for Animals

Probiotics for Animals Are Recommended Over Vitamins We used to think that vitamins were the way to go, but without a healthy gut, vitamins can go to waste. Animals given probiotics during times of wellness, when they are not sick, is the best way to avoid developing allergies in dogs and cats specifically. Also, a…

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Probiotic Pet Food Warning | Government Study

The Truth About Probiotics in Pet Food Pet food with probiotics may not deliver what they promise. Are probiotics in pet food effective? Key studies show that probiotics will improve your dog or cat’s diet and help protect pet health, however, the government study cited below reviewed 13 probiotic dog foods claiming to contain probiotics,…

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