Probiotics for Pets

Pet Probiotics: Top Questions The Truth About Probiotics for Pets

Pet probiotics are an excellent way to keep your dog or cat healthy and well for a long time. A pet given these healthy microorganisms (bacteria) enjoy increased mineral and nutrient absorption, improved digestion, and enhanced the immune function.

The visible benefits that pet probiotics provide are: less bouts of diarrhea, constipation, allergies, and better breath. For these reasons, veterinarians are recommending pet probiotics as a natural wellness supplement that stabilizes intestinal flora.

When is the best time to start my pet on a probiotic supplement?

Sick pets need probiotics, but, surprisingly, the best and most essential time to start supplementing your pet with probiotics is when they are well, and preferably, young. A cherished animal that begins a natural probiotic supplementation regimen during times of wellness as a puppy or kitten stands the best chance at health as they get older. Why?

During the formative months, your pet is developing their natural immune and digestive systems—the gut (intestine) is essentially sterile and will take months for these healthy microorganisms to flourish. Since approximately 80% of your pet’s immune function is in the gut, it is vital that during these young months, that your pet’s digestive tract is seeded with healthy flora (healthy bacteria microorganisms, or “probiotics”). Studies show that these healthy microorganisms will help control pathogenic bacteria and avoid developing allergies or other health issues later in life.

When should I give my pet probiotics?

Pet’s given probiotics once per day during times of wellness have less health issues as a whole. When your pet is sick or ill, a therapeutic (3-5x) dose twice per day of probiotics may be in order. Pets suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) will require  higher probiotic doses than animals with diarrhea.

What are the best probiotics for pets?

Pet probiotics are rampant on the market since it is a new healthy trend, but many supplements do not offer maximum benefit for pets. This is because probiotics live specific to their host, and most probiotics offered for pets are not really intended for pets at manufacture.  We recommend Probiotic Miracle since it is a pet-specific formula (it was manufactured and formulated specifically for pets, which is important).  This probiotic supplement contains strains, species, and CFU amounts of live probiotics which have been studied to bring to most effective benefit in pets. There are also identifying features of the best probiotics for animals.

Some pet owners may try yogurt for dogs or cats, hoping for a natural way to increase this healthy flora in the body. This method will not offer enough quantity of healthy flora, nor the right type of probiotic strains to offer therapeutic results. There may also be negative side-effects for our favored animals when the delivery of probiotics comes in a dairy culture, like yogurt. Similarly, a single-strain (just L.acidophilus) or double-strain supplement, containing only Lactobacillus acidophilus, or L. acidophilus and Bifidobacterium, will only provide minimal benefits for dogs and cats. See also,Acidophilus for Dogs.

Billions of probiotics are contained in just a tiny 1/8 tsp ofProbiotic Miracle. A more effective and affordable option over yogurt or other probiotic brands.

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